India Stamps December 2012 Issues

Light Houses Of India, 2 Stamps
Date Of Issue : 23.12.2012
India Post Released new stamps and Miniature for ""Light Houses" on 23rd December 2012.
 Miniature for " Light Houses " 
Light Houses India FDC
National Mathematics day
Date Of Issue : 22.12.2012
India Post released a new Stamp for "National Mathematics day" on 22nd December 2012.
National Mathematics day FDC
Sri Sivarathri Shivayogi
Date Of Issue : 21.12.2012
India Post released a new Stamp for "sri sivarathri sivayogi" on 21st December 2012.
sri sivarathri sivayogi FDC
"sri sivarathri sivayogi Brochure

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