India Stamps November 2012 Issues

Consumer Protection Act , 1986
Date Of Issue : 29.11.2012
India Post released a New Stamp for "Consumer Protection Act , 1986 " on 29th November 2012.
Consumer Protection Act , 1986 FDC
Consumer Protection Act , 1986 Brochure
Ramgopal Maheswari
Date Of Issue : 20.11.2012
India Post released a New Stamp for "Ramgopal Maheswari " on 20th November 2012.
Ramgopal Maheswari FDC
Ramgopal Maheswari Brochure
The Scinde Horse
Date Of Issue :16.11.2012
India Post released a New Stamp for " The Scinde Horse " on  16th November 2012.
 The Scinde Horse FDC
The Scinde Horse Brochure
Children`s Day - 2050 Post Office
Date Of Issue : 14.11.2012
India Post released a New Stamp for "Childrens Day" based on the theme of "2050 Post Office" on 14th November 2012  
Childrens Day 2012 FDC
Childrens day Brochure 2012
T. S .Narayanaswami
Date Of Issue :11.11.2012
India Post released a New Stamp for T.S.Narayanaswami on 11th November 2012.
 T.S.Narayanaswami FDC
T S Narayanaswami Brochure
India Israel - Joint Issue 
Date Of Issue : 05.11.2012
India Post and Israel Post Jointly Issued New Setenent Stamps for "Festival of Light" of Deepavali and Hanukkah respectively on 5th November 2012
India Israel - Joint Issue FDC 
India Israel - Joint Issue Sheetlet
India Israel - Joint Issue Brochure


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