India Post August Month Issues

Beautiful India
Date of issue : 15.08.2017
India post released new set of 2 stamps and Miniature in the theme of " Beautiful India " on independence day 2017
Beautiful India fdc
Beautiful India brochure

Caves of Meghalaya
Date of issue : 15.08.2017
India post released new set of 4 stamps and Miniature for " Caves of Meghalaya " on independence day 2017
Caves of Meghalaya fdc
Caves of Meghalaya brochure

1942 Freedom Movement
75 Years of Quit India Movement
Date Of Issue : 09.08.2017
India post released new set of 8 stamps to celebrating 75 years for " 1942 Freedom Movement " On 09 August 2017
Honorable president of India Ramnath kovind released the stamps of " 1942 Freedom Movement ". Our honorable prime minister Modiji in releasing ceremony.
1942 Freedom Movement fdc

1942 Freedom Movement Brochure

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  1. Thanks for keeping up updated on the latest issues!

    On a slightly less related topic, a couple of my friends and I just built a website call StampMates at I was wondering if you have used any kind of online stamp collecting/cataloging sites in the past and what you think are the pros/cons of them.

    Would love to hear your thoughts about online stamp cataloging sites!