India Stamps January 2017 Issues

India post payment bank
Date of issue : 30.01.2017
 India post released new Stamp for " Indiapost payment bank" on 30 January 2017
India post paymentbanks  fdc
India post payments banks brochure
 Nature India , set of 6 stamps
Date of issue 25.01.2017
 India post released new Stamp for "Nature India " on 25.01.2017
Nature India fdc
Nature India Miniature
Nature India Brochure
MG Ramachandran - Centenary
Date of Issue : 17.01.2017
India post released Birth Centenary new Stamp for " Dr M G Ramachandran " on 17.01.2017
Dr M G Ramachandran fdc

Maruthur Gopalan Ramachandran  popularly known as MGR to the masses was born on January.17.1917 at Kandy, Sri Lanka. Very famous actor of Tamil nadu.
He was elected as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu in 1977 and served in that office for two consecutive terms (1977 – 1987).
 He died on December.24.1987 aged 70
Brochure mgr
Date Of Issue : 07.01.2017
India Post and Portugal Post Jointly issued New set of Stamps and Miniature for  "India Portugal Joint Issue "  on 07 January 2017
India Portugal Joint Issue Miniature
India Portugal Joint Issue Fdc
Brochure joint issue
Guru Gobind Singh 350th Prakash Utsav
Date Of Issue : 05.01.2017 
 India Post  issued New Stamp and Miniature for  " Guru Gobind Singh 350th Prakash Utsav "  on 05 January 2017
 Guru Gobind Singh 350th Prakash Utsav FDC
India Portugal Joint Issue

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Guru Gobind Singh 350th Prakash Utsav Miniature
 Splendours of India 
Date Of Issue :01.01.2017
This issue is printed by two printers. The miniature sheet of 12 stamps is printed by the Security Printing Press, Hyderabad and the 12 miniature sheets in the calendar are printed by India Security Press, Nashik. Consequently, the size of stamps is different, paper is different, and the colours are different. The size of stamps in the miniature sheet of 12 stamps is 33 x 40 mm and in the calendar miniature sheets it is 37 x 45 mm. Nashik prining is listed with 'A' sufffix 


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