India Stamps JUNE 2016 Issues

Surya Namaskar -Yoga international Day
Date Of issue : 21.06.2016
 India post released new set of 12 stamps, miniature and sheetlet  for " Surya Namaskar " on 21st june 2016
 Surya Namaskar FDC
Surya Namaskar Sheetlet
 Surya Namaskar Brochure 1
 Surya Namaskar Brochure 2
 Tata Power - Centenary  Celebration
Date OF Issue : 10.06.2016
 India post released new stamp  for " Tata Power " on 21st june 2016
Tata Power FDC
 Tata Power Brochure1
 Tata Power Brochure 2

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  1. What is it of the printing process, maybe, that make them look older than they are? Still, I like Indian stamps. Colorful and favouring illustrations over photos, just the way I like them!