India Stamps March 2011 Issues

Subhadra Joshi - Freedom Fighter
Date Of Issue:23.03.2011
Subhadra was born in Baroor, Maharashtra, in 1913. Subhadra Joshi was a veteran Congress leader and freedom fighter,She had taken part with matatma gandhi ji in the 1942 Quit India movement. She was also the president of the Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee and had dedicated herself for communal harmony and was the force behind the formation of the Qaumi Ekta Trust. She defeated Atal Behari Vajpayee,(former prime minister of India) in the Lok Sabha election.she died after a prolonged illness in the age of 86.
Premature Release: National Mathematics Day
Not Yet Issued by India Post
National Mathematics Day Stamp was in list of stamp issue programme of India Post for the year 2010, but it was postponed by India Post till update it is not released. But this stamp is available with some collectors/Dealers. Now India Post should think for a better system of secrecy at its philatelic bureaus and counters. It is also a shameful thing that few dealers are selling this stamp in sheets on very high prices.After Yashwantrao balwantrao Chavan and Immanuel Sekarnar it is the third case of premature issue in 2010. All Philatelists not to buy such issues as they have no Philatelic Value and have no investment value.Information Taken in Indian StampGhar and Philamirror Sites.
Special Cover:– 88 (Mahila) Battalion, Central Reserve Police Force
Date Of Issue:08.03.2011
A milestone in Women Empowerment, the Battalion celebrates 25 years(Silver Jubilee) of dedicated service to India and humanity. Ministry of Communication & Information Technology, India Post released this special cover on 8th march 2011.---Courtesy: Indianstampghar.
Special Cover:-Spring Festival
Date Of Issue:05.03.2011
India Post Approved a special cover for "Spring festival" about the ‘Plants 
and all Green Vegetation have life’ on 5th and 6th march 2011
Tsunami , Earth Quake (8.9-magnitude quake) 
Hits japan on  Friday --- 11 march 2011 
Quake, tsunami devastate Japan, more than 1000 dead.
More than 1,000 people were feared dead in the massive tsunami triggered by Japan's most powerful earthquake which wrought devastation in northeast coastal Japan forcing the government to declare emergency at two nuclear plants after their cooling systems failed.  Kyodo news agency reported that 217 bodied have been recovered while the toll could be over 1,000The cooling systems in two key nuclear power plants at Fukushima plant were disabled and Japan's nuclear safety agency has said that the plant will release slightly radioactive vapour from the unit to lower the pressure in an effort to protect the reactor from a possible meltdown.Prime Minister Naoto Kan ordered evacuation of over 45,000 residents living within 10-kilometres radius of the nuclear plants.A strong 6.7-magnitude earthquake hit the country's mountainous Niigata prefecture northwest of Tokyo early this morning, causing landslides and avalanches and destroying some wooden houses.On Friday, the gushing waters following the 8.9-magnitude quake, the most powerful since the 1923 tremor in Great Kanto area in Tokyo and its vicinity which was 7.9 on Richter scale and had killed more than 140,000 people, swept houses, overturned ships, vehicles and set ablaze several buildings, including a petrochemical plant.Most of the bodies were recovered from Sendai.Japan's military-mobilized thousands of troops, 300 planes and 40 ships have been set up for the relief effort, Kyodo reported.At least 60 people were killed in Iwate prefecture and other places. A 67-year-old man was killed after being hit by a crumbling wall in Chiba prefecture, while a woman in her 50s died after a portion of a roof of a hall collapsed in Tokyo.The National Police Agency said 531 people were reported missing and 627 others were injured in the quake and the 33-foot tidal waves in the country's northeast coast.Television images showed fires raging in several building complexes as also a major petrochemical complex in Sendai. The tsunami also flooded the Sendai airport.

 La Martiniere Schools, Kolkota
Date Of Issue:01.03.2011
La Martinere School, Kolkota was esstablished in 1836 along with two schools in Lucknow and one in Lyons at France.The education system of La Martiniere is a fusion of global education with strong local roots.The contribution of the schools to society has won accolade and all round appreciation.Courtesy MBSTAMPS

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